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The famous German actress Tilla Durieux (born as Otillia Godefroy, 1880–1971) gathered a large collection of various artistic artifacts, mostly during the first three decades of the 20th century. After Hitler had risen to power in Germany, she moved to Zagreb (in 1934), where she lived until 1952 when she moved to Berlin. Eleven years after Tilla’s death, her heir Mrs. Danhoff signed a document on the donation of the part of the collection to the city of Zagreb. Nowadays, 19 artifacts of the former Tilla Durieux collection are in possession of the city of Zagreb. The entire Tilla Durieux collection consisted of numerous artifacts from the different periods of the Egyptian history: the various scarabs and amulets, several figurines of the Egyptian goddess Bastet, a statue of the priestess Henid with a hieroglyphic inscription, and several small artifacts made of bronze. Of the Egyptian artifacts from the collection, only a head of a bronze statuette known as ‘The head of a citizen’ (26th Dynasty; inv. n. MGZ 4759) is kept in the Museum of the City of Zagreb.

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