Round oil-lamp from terracotta with an image of Isis and Serapis

Round oil-lamp from terracotta with an image of Isis and Serapis
A round nozzle. In the central medallion, one next to another, there are depictions of the busts of Isis and Serapis. Isis, on the left, and Serapis, on the right side.

This round oil-lamp belongs to Loeschke's type VIII, like the examples from Tunisia. Serapis is always on the right side with left profile, and Isis on the opposite side.

Damaged, Isis and Serapis are not well visible. Bad quality mould. Glued, parts missing.

Catalogue entry

Round oil-lamp from terracotta with an image of Isis and Serapis
Archaeological Museum Zadar, Zadar
Inv. no. AMZd 3672
unknown site
Roman Empire, 2nd half of the 2nd c. A.D.
terracotta: baked earth, moulding
3.3 x 11.9 x 9 cm


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